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The Walk of Pilgrims

"Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning."
(Luke 12:35)

We live in this world as strangers and pilgrims journeying towards a city with everlasting foundations whose architect and builder is God Himself. No matter how tempting or how glittery things appear that the world offers, there is no room for compromise because the price asked in exchange is our integrity, our commitment to the Lord and our final destination.

We have to live to the measure of the calling we received with heart and mind set in the heavenly places, contemplating with eyes of faith the glory and splendor of our beloved Jesus. His steps can already be heard as He approaches with every passing moment, with every ticking of the clock, with every event unfolding in front of our own eyes on the stage of human history. Let us live wholeheartedly for our Lord, lifting Him up in our lives above all things, making Him the center of our existence, delighting in His love and righteousness, willing and ready to be completely identified with Him. He is a Holy God and He gave everything in order to purchase us. He will accept nothing less than a whole heart and a love that is burning for Him like a torch in the night. There is no time for slumbering, slothfulness and neglect, no place for compromise, no worth in living for ourselves. The only time we have is to draw close to Him and be ready, for He is coming!