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Shining Forth God's glory

"Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon,
clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners?"
(Song of Solomon 6:10)

God's people are radiant and glorious in their sanctified beauty - bright as the dawn, fair as the moon and shining as the sun. It is a wonderful and beautiful people that show forth the glories and wonders of heaven because of the Lord who lives in them and among them. No matter how feeble and weak in these bodies, how bent, stunted and twisted under great burdens, how consumed and wasted under exceeding suffering, how wounded and bruised by hard blows, or how forgotten, despised and rejected by the world, the people of God bear in them the life and glory of their Lord. As they reflect the excellency and perfection of their great Redeemer, they are transformed more and more into an actual likeness to His beauty and glory. In the midst of the most unbearable circumstances, they live by the comfort and joy of the presence of their precious Lord with them. In what seems insignificant to others, with eyes of faith, they see God's design and purpose for their lives. In times of bliss and peace, they acknowledge the grace of their Lord Jesus and anticipate with longing in their hearts the moment when they will fully experience His presence. The unmarred, spotless, radiant beauty of His people transcends this world as those who are part of it, yet no longer belong to this world.

These peculiar people carry a fierce determination to follow their Master through the darkest night, the most turbulent storms and through every fiery trial that comes their way. They are as an army with banners, unwavering, unflinching, steady and completely dedicated to serving their Commander.

We are partakers of a divine life poured freely upon us. We are to be "fair as the moon, clear as the sun and terrible as an army with banners". Not even the unleashed forces of darkness should stop us from pressing on towards heaven, marching in the victory that has already been won by our Lord Jesus. Yea, so we walk through this dark world with joy, hope and an ever increasing desire to see the face of our precious Lord Jesus in glory.