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We Shall Be Like Him

"Beloved, now are we the sons of God,
and it doth not yet appear what we shall be... "

(1 John 3:2)

We are children of God and the Holy Spirit indwelling our hearts brings testimony to this presence. Yet, what we shall be has not been revealed. On the outside, our earthly existence may not differ much from the life of any other human being. We all face suffering, trials, temptations, needs and sorrows. Nevertheless, we have this confidence in our hearts and the unmoved assurance that we belong to God and that He is our Father. And because He lives in us, there is no way this world with all its obstacles can keep us down or silence our longing to be with Him. Yes, we may be wearied at times, but we never lose hope; we have sorrows and hurts, but we have joy in our hearts; we often travel upon the highways of suffering, but when we seek our Lord Jesus we find an inexhaustible source of strength in Him and His wonderful promises. Even under the most desperate circumstances, we know we are not forsaken but are in the grasp of a loving God and Father who navigates all the circumstances of our lives.

There is a glorious hope set in front of us which inspires and sustains us. When eternity erupts into visible reality and when corruption is swallowed by immortality, His life in us will be fully revealed for we will then see Him as He is. Resting in this hope, we can spread wide the wings of our faith and fly above present circumstances, soaring as eagles in heavenly places where we have been seated in the Lord Jesus.  Let us today contemplate eternity and delight in the joy of His presence.